Global Playwriting


This course explores contemporary tendencies in Playwriting from a global perspective. By reading and analyzing very recent works from around the world, we will identify new forms and techniques that writers are now using to convey meaning and apply them to expand our own playwriting skills. 


After the ‘performative turn’ of the 1960’s, when the text lost its primacy to the ‘eventness’ of theater, Playwriting has taken different paths to find renewed potency. Different cultures also responded differently to this impulse. We will touch on topics like the dissolution of Aristotelian aesthetics, the ‘novelization’ of drama, fragmentation and the techniques of montage and collage, as well as altered manifestations of character, plot, conflict and situation. We will also discuss the question of the audience and interrogate the international vocation of certain works, by addressing texts that had a rich history of international productions.


This course develops with the premise that a playwright today would benefit from adopting a global, non-Westernizing perspective, recognizing cross-cultural dialogue as an important practice to expand his or her craft. Each meeting will have a practical writing and workshopping part, and participants are expected to present a finished short play or a full-length play as a work-in-progress at the end. 


Course goals:
-    Develop participant’s Playwriting skills with practical writing exercises, stimulating experimentation
-    Guide students in finding their own voice as writers 
-    Familiarize participants to the most up-to-date techniques and theoretical debates on Playwriting 
-    Train participant’s ability to talk about his or her own work and workshop the work of others collaboratively  
-    Enhance participants’ critical and aesthetic appreciation skills by reading a variety of materials beyond the Western experience
-    Make students see theory as support and inspiration, rather than a constraint to their writing.  


Instructor: Ana Candida Carneiro


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